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Welcome to our pack!


Lead the pack!  It's what we do.  It's our mission.  Dogs love the pack, they find joy in the pack, and when they spend the day with us - their Tails R Waggin!

At our daycare we don't just socialize your dog and play a few games, we introduce your dog to the pack.  And whether it is a pack of two (you and your dog) or 20 - to a dog, pack means family.  Pack family and Alpha Leaders (our human staff) is what makes our daycare different.  The pack defines the dog experience - always has and always will. 

Come and experience the pack life at Tails R Waggin and see how leading the pack makes all the difference, not just for your dog, but for you...your dog's pack leader.


Our Daycare and Pack Training facility offers owners the exercise and attention their pets need.  Tails R Waggin is also a place for those dogs that are hyperactive, destructive, and may suffer from separation anxiety. The benefits of allowing your dog to attend doggy daycare are astounding. For young dogs it teaches them invaluable social skills that will help them learn how to properly meet and interact with a variety of other dogs. Very hyper dogs are given a proper outlet for all of that energy, so you can simply relax and enjoy their company at home and not have a pet demanding attention and exercise.  The additional activities that day care provides also helps eliminate boredom behaviors such as chewing, barking, and separation anxiety. It’s also great for older dogs that might need to lose a little extra weight, require more frequent trips outside or just need a little extra attention. 


Dogs find comfort and security once they know their place in the pack.  By the time parents arrive to pick-up their dogs from Tails R Waggin, they find their dog tired, hungry and ready to go bed. This is a dream come true for the equally tired pet owner and "pure dog joy" for the dog itself!


Our facility has 7000 sq/ft of indoor and outdoor play space.  While at Tails R Waggin your dog will be able to interact with other friendly dogs of all sizes as well as our caring knowledgeable staff in a safe monitored environment.  We choose to have all sizes, (big and small) dogs play together here.  The day is spent on the playground equipment in our indoor and outdoor play yards, swimming in the "puppy" pools, structered ball play, bubbles or just lounging on the outside deck in the sun.
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