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How far in advance do I request a boarding reservation?
Holidays, Weekends and summer time tend to fill up quickly.  Try to make reservations or your interview appointment in as far in advance as possible to ensure your dog's spot.


I have two dogs and they can sleep together but one will eat the others food if I don't stand over them and watch. Can someone make sure they both eat?
Yes, we can feed dogs who stay in the same den separately so they can both eat in peace.  Let us know this when you check in and we'll make a note of it.


Can someone else pick my dogs up?
Yes, but only if you specify them as someone approved to pick up your pet.  At the time of pickup, payment will need to be made so you will need to pay in advance.

Can my dog just board at Tails R Waggin and not participate in Daycare during the week?
Everything revolves around Daycare at our facility and we are not set up to keep dogs kenneled all day.  Dogs that cannot play or socialize nicely with other dogs are really not appropriate for our service.  You may want to consider a more traditional kennel for your boarding needs.


I’m ready to sign up!  What other information do I need to know? 

All dogs must be spayed or neutered if over 6 months of age.   

1.  Print out application and fill out completely.  Fax, email or drop off application to us at the office. 

2. Have your Veterinarian fax us vaccine history on your dog. All dogs that stay with us must submit proof of current vaccinations for: Distemper/Parvo, Rabies and Bordatella (Kennel Cough)

3.  Our staff memebers will call you to set up an interview with you and your dog when we receive all of the information.  Interviews are scheduled various days during the week, usually Tuesday through Thursday, mid day and last 30-60 minutes.  There is a $15 charge.

4.  When the interview is complete, you can schedule your boarding dates. 


What is the interview like?

The interview includes a temperament test and time for our Tails R Waggin Staff to work one on one with your dog to acclimate them to group play. This time allows us to observe your dog in a controlled small group environment to see how they will react to other dogs and also to appropriately asses your dog and make any adjustments to the process in order to make this a positive experience with lasting benefits.  Dogs that show signs of aggressive behavior or other traits that could put the other dogs or our employees at risk will not be admitted.  In most cases, a dog’s overall behavior is improved by group play as well as the interaction with our staff.  However, outside and genetic factors can sometimes lead to increased aggression and/or inappropriate behavior in dog’s who have not been participating in Daycare for some time.  Dog’s who exhibit behaviors that cannot be reasonably controlled or modified by our staff and that pose a threat to other dogs or our employees will cause us to suspend and or expel dogs from our facilities.

At Tails R Waggin our first responsibility is to our own dogs and the dogs that use our services.  Ensuring their safety and enjoyment is our guiding principal.



Boarding rates for daycare with overnight stay $55.00 per night Monday thru Thursday, $60 per night Friday thru Sunday and Holidays.  Boarding is charged separately from daycare.  You cannot use your pre-purchased daycare package days to cover part of your boarding charges.  If you do not bring food for your pet, you will be charged an additional $3.00 per meal. 


*We do not offer ½ day rates for boarding on weekends.  Multi-dog discounts of $5 per each additional dog are offered only for dogs from the same household to help make daycare and boarding more affordable for families with more than one dog.*


Cancellation Policy- We require notification of a boarding reservation cancellation at least 48 hours prior to the boarding stay, 1 week for peak season holiday times.  Late cancellations or no shows are charged 1/2 of their boarding stay.  We accept Cash, Check, Visa and Master Card.




Tails R Waggin offers an alternative to traditional boarding that goes beyond fulfilling a dog's basic needs and incorporates the free-reign benefits of Daycare.  We have 12 spacious doggy dens for eating and sleeping. Space is limited and we fill up fast on the weekends, during the summer and during the holiday season.  


As of Sept 2021, We will not be accepting any new dogs for boarding only.  


If your dog exhibits severe anxiety during your dogs interview, or has destructive anxiety at home or while you are away, we cannot board your dog at our facility.  We can give you a referral to another boarding facility.



After a day of free-reign fun, your dog will enjoy a little down time in one of our 4 x 6 or 6 x 6 spacious Dens!  Our nightly turn-down service includes a freshly cleaned and filled stainless steel water bowl, and their own special toys and treats arranged on their bedding that has laundered during the day.  In addition, we set the mood for relaxation with lights down low and either animal planet on the TV or "Through a Dog's Ear" on CD.  While our Dens are roomy and comfortable, we limit the time your dog spends there to feeding, digesting, much-needed downtime and sleeping.  Our goal is to make your pet extremely comfortable adding homey touches wherever possible while allowing them as much fun and free time as possible without wearing them down.


How does Boarding work on the weekends? 
Boarding is a great option for our daycare parents who need care for their pets while they are away.  Our weekend boarders are visited in the morning where they are let outside to take care of business, followed by breakfast, and then they can play with their other friends for a bit before they are back in their spacious runs.  Our staff arrives in the late afternoon to let them out once again so they are able to eat dinner, play with their friends, and get ready for another night at the movies with Animal Planet, a special treat, and a nice warm blanket. 


We currently offer 2 drop off and pick up times for our boarders on the weekends and holidays; in the mornings at 8:00am, or in the evenings at 5:00pm only.  

Do I need to bring anything?

We recommend bringing the following items to make your dog's visit as comfortable as possible:

  • Food: It is best to keep your dog on their own diet to avoid any strain on their digestive system.  We will feed based on your instructions and can handle most special needs: refrigerated or micro-waved meals, special mixing or additions, just let us know.  Please bring food in zip lock baggies.  Our storage space is limited and those big dog food bags take up a lot of room!  Remember, dogs are much more active than usual when they stay with us, so, you may want to consider feeding at least two times per day and slightly increasing your pup's normal portion.  If you do not bring food, there will be a $3.00 charge per meal.

  • Bedding:  Or something that smells like home (blankets, bedspread, etc.). If your dog has a tendency to tear up and ingest bedding, you may want to skip this, but let us know!

  • Toys:  Nothing makes a dog feel more at home than one or two of his favorite toys.

  • Treats:  Like chocolates on your pillow at a fine hotel, we love to put out a few treats on their beds at night or whenever you'd like us to offer them.

  • Medication:  We can administer any medication on any needed schedule.  Please let us know if your dog has any allergies as we usually use peanut butter or chicken pill pockets when giving pills. 

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