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Frequently Asked Questions 

 How do I enroll?  

It’s easy to become a part of the Tails R Waggin family. Simply fill out an Application Packet and call or email to schedule a screening appointment. You can drop by to pick one up, or download it off our "Services" page.

Can any dog come to Doggy Day Care? 
Please keep in mind that doggy daycare environment is quite simply not for all dogs.  Just like people, our dogs all have different personalities, and some personalities and temperaments are better suited than others to the “pack” life in daycare.


On your first visit, your pet will go through as screening process. The process consists of a temperament test, your dog cannot be aggressive towards people or other dogs, nor can it be food or toy possessive.  First we check your dogs' attitude and human handling, we must be able to touch all four feet, look at their teeth and ears, pet them all over the body, and give them a big restraint hug.  This will show us how comfortable your dog is with this kind of touch physically and emotionally.  Next we will closely monitor your dog by first introducing them to an isolated space next to the main play area. As it seems appropriate, we will continue to introduce your pet to other dogs one at a time and in small groups until your pet seems comfortable.  You may then leave your pet with us for a scheduled amount of time and when you come back, we will let you know how they did.  We can schedule your first day of daycare and if by chance, your pet is not feeling comfortable within the first few hours, we will call you and let you know. Your pet will be kept safely until you can make arrangements to come by. We will make every effort to make your pet’s new home away from home a place where they feel welcomed and loved.  It may take a few visits before your dog just jumps right in. The process may seem very involved, but that’s just as it should be. Safety should be your number one concern, and proper, positive introductions will set the tone for your dog’s experience at day care.

How does Boarding work on the weekends? 
You must be an active participant in day care to schedule boarding with us. Boarding is a great option for parents who need care for their pets while they are away. Our weekend boarders are visited in the morning where they are let outside to take care of business followed by breakfast, and then they can play with their other boarding friends for a few hours before they are back in their spacious runs. Our staff arrives in the late afternoon to let them out once again so they are able to eat dinner, play with their friends, and get ready for another night at the movies with Animal Planet, a special treat, and a nice warm blanket. We currently offer 2 drop off and pick up times for our boarders on the weekends and holidays; in the mornings at 8:00am, or in the evenings at 5:00pm. 

For more information on boarding your dogs at Tails R Waggin visit our "Boarding" page.

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